Our Front and Back Fitments contains a chocolate egg and six miniature Guinness chocolates. Sláinte to you this Easter Holiday! Let’s hope you have some good craic with your family and friends.

Inspired by the fruit that helped Isaac Newton discover gravity, Chef Heston Blumenthal created a golden chocolate apple that is protected and displayed in our Top, Middle and Bottom fitments that are made from Prevented Ocean Plastic. In addition to supporting the golden apple, our fitments also securely hold six praline chocolates.

Prevented Ocean Plastic is recycled plastic that has come from coastal areas deemed at risk from ocean plastic pollution. So remember to recycle our fitments so that they not only protect delicious treats but also to protect our environment. 

On our Easter egg hunt we have found this Luxury Belgian Chocolate Filled Egg which is displayed in our front and back floating clam. Our fitments are designed to hold the egg securely in place and to protect the exclusions on the front.

Remember to recycle this pack as it is made from Clear RPET which is 100% recyclable.