Thermoforming Design & Development

Belpac’s in-house design team, engineers and account managers work closely with clients to ascertain their exact requirements in order to create packaging design solutions that meet both security and aesthetic needs for all kinds of products.


Good packaging design is about creating a pack that performs well, is functional, economical to produce, minimises waste and looks aestethically pleasing however the primary task of any pack is to protect the product during transit and through the supply chain.

Our engineers can analyse products using in-house equipment or can work from drawings and specifications supplied. The design team then create unique designs perfectly suited to the products in form and function.

Our highly skilled engineers have many years of experience producing precision tooling utilising advanced CAD CAM Solidworks software to seamlessly integrate design to CNC milling. The result is high quality, competitively priced products turned around in the shortest time possible.

We provide thermoformed packaging solutions for the following industries: Fresh Food, Bakery, Confectionery, Horticultural, Cosmetics, Toiletries, Computer/Technical products and other miscellaneous items.