What is thermoforming packaging?

Thermoformed packaging allows products to be presented in a clear format whereby clear film is vacuumed over an aluminium tool in the profile of the product.

What is clamshell packaging?

Clamshell packaging is when the product is completely encased in a clear pack and either secured by friction or HF Welding.

What is Blister sealing?

Blister Sealing allows you to present your product to the customer behind a clear pre formed blister and sealed securely to a printed card to improve presentation.

What is HF Welding?

HF Welding is used to present your product between 2 preformed blisters which allows all round visibility and improves the perception of the product.

What is the difference between Trapped and Conventional Blister packaging?

A trapped blister allows the pre-formed blister to sit in between 2 pieces of card in a die cut area and for the card to be sealed together trapping the blister and therefore allowing 100% recycling of both the blister and the card.

Do Belpac offer a shrink wrapping service?

Yes, we have the facility to supply shrink-wrapping up to 300mm x 300mm x 300mm.

Do Belpac offer Contract Packing?

Yes, we can provide the complete packaging solution for you, to include the supply of the printed matter, cartons and packing the product ready for despatch.

Can Belpac provide an Assembly service?

Belpac are totally flexible in approach to all enquiries and assembly of products has always been available at Belpac.

Can Belpac design a bespoke package for me?

Belpac has an In House design team using Solidworks Design and Camworks software top provide bespoke solutions for your packaging needs.

Can Belpac create a prototype of my packaging requirement before l place an order?

Belpac will always include the cost of a prototype within its quotation; this will be produced from Resin board to show the actual configuration/design of the product.

What are the minimum volumes required to place a packaging order?

All volumes are available but like all things there is a benefit in volume, so whether it is for 100 off or 1 million off Belpac will be able to help.

What kind of materials do Belpac use for packaging requirements?

Belpac are always looking for the latest materials as we are keen to protect the environment whenever possible. APET, RPET,PETGAG, PETG are all commonly used as well as PVC< HIPS and PP. RPET Being the most popular material at the moment due to the inclusion of Post Consumer Waste (PCW) it.

What kind of thickness of material for packaging do Belpac use?

From 200 mic up to 1500 mic thick Q: What if there are several components to my product to package? A: Belpac will design the pack to ensure all components are held securley and are where necessary visible to the customer.

Do Belpac use recycled material for packaging products?

Yes, we try and use recycled material wherever possible, including RPET and PVC as well as Recycled Board for its outer cartons etc.

Do Belpac recycle its scrap material used for packaging?

All our skeletal waste materials is baled on site and then sent back to our suppliers for granulation to be put back into the raw material we purchase, this is considered to be Post Industrial Waste (PIW).

What kind of lead times do Belpac work to for the manufacture of packaging products?

Belpac will work to ensure your product can be available in the marketplace in the shortest possible time, we have been know to produce fully finished tooling from prototype to production in 48 hours.

Do Belpac hold in stock specific packaging?

Belpac can hold stocks subject to the requirements of the customer.

What is Belpac's Unique Selling Point?

Belpac will be totally flexible with our customers demands, whether it is short lead times, stock holding, kanban stocks, JIT, or call offs, Belpac will always be ready to help as we are also aware that the customers needs are most important.

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